It is relatively easy being a “Monday Morning Quarterback / Business Ethicist” by analyzing old football games, or in this case, ongoing moral challenges in the marketplace. The ideal Monday Morning Business Ethicist not only reflects on earlier difficulties, but prepares for the coming workweek by asking the right questions about future ethical quandaries.

A week ahead rather than one day behind.

The Monday Morning Business Ethicist

Albert J. Chan, Ph.D. aspires to be an anticipator as well as a reactor. The Blog is his startup vehicle to becoming a premier resource for business ethics on the web by providing academics and laypersons an accessible intersection point among cinema, culture, and corporate ethics.

In 2010, Albert worked in Irvine, CA as a business systems analyst by day and as a Southern California professor of business ethics during the evening. In 2011, he joined the philosophy faculty at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA as an assistant professor of business ethics. As a teacher, scholar, and practitioner, the Monday Morning Business Ethicist seeks to break down stereotypes about the field, and help people go beyond mere compliance by reflecting deeper about the real challenges in the marketplace.

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